Monday, October 31, 2016

The four dimensions of Gravity are symmetrical with the four dimensions of the Electricity continuum. Traction from gravity is theorized to power electromagnetism (EM) using those eight dimensions (8D). The amount of traction is seen where the ions repel each other strongly, but gravity is much weaker to attract those ions together. The ratio of k/G is used for a time traction factor.

k/G = 1.346*10^20 = W1

The Time Traction Factor W1 makes a scale model of a shorter time for protons' internal space to move the outside space. For gravity, the time constant is 5 nanoseconds. For EM, the time constant is W1 times faster.

Also, when angular momentum in atoms is calculated, another ratio is used:

4 pi (m/q) * (k/G) = 1.767*10^13 = W2

The Lever Traction Factor W2 is used to model Planck's Constant's factors and its source. Atomic distances and resonances involve that ratio, in this proposed theory.

Symbol List

k = Coulomb's Constant
G = Newton's Constant
m = proton mass
q = proton charge, N is number of baryons in star, M is number of paired protons and electrons, n is the number of protons per cubic meter, v is relative velocity of a proton to one electron.

Unified Field Theory

Variables N and M are defined on the page linked at right for neo-Maxwell data.
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October 16, 2014 began the discoveries by Alan Folmsbee

April 12, 2018

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