Symmetry of 8D

The eight dimensions are flowing in symmetrical directions. Gravity has
3D going into matter, Electromagnetism has 3D coming out of matter.

Sketch from February 4, 2017

Geometry of Charge and Fields E and H

In the Figure, the E field of a proton attracts an electron, The
Ey dimension grows out of the proton and is drained into
the electron, causing a distance decrease. Protons are opposite,
and the second proton would not drain the Ey but would
oppose with its own Ey.

Where a proton repels a proton, the charge
is not involved. Charge is area. A proton repels
because a dimension grows, called Ex . And charge
acceleration occurs because a dimension Ht drains into
the proton.

Charge is an area in dimensions 5, 6, 7, 8. The most
important effect a charge has is where the area
cuts flux. A proton moving across some Webers of
flux will cut some lines of flux according to
the area of charge.

January 2, 2017

James recommended, "Tell a story. Explain the history of the issue.
"Tell us how you found issues/contradictions in the traditional understanding.
"Explain how you made a breakthrough.
"Explicate how your thinking is distinct and better than the traditional understanding.
"Tell us the implications of your improvement."

Part II
The use of eight dimensions was explained in part one: mass is an area of
continuum and charge is an area of a second continuum. The two continua are
needed so that the charge area is independent of mass area. Once the eight
dimensions were accepted, I realized that a symmetrical direction could be
assigned to the dimensions.

Gravity has a 3D space going into matter.

Electric repulsion force can have a 3D space coming out of protons.

The traditional understanding of how charged protons repel each other
was given a "lumped functional model". One lump is k, Coulomb's Constant.
The other lumps are q and Q, the two positive charges that repel. My goal
was to make mathematical models of k and Q as I had done for gravity.
I wanted to use the primitive dimensions of time and space to define k and Q.

k = 9*10^9 Newton meter^2 per Coulomb^2  OBSOLETE
r = 0.950000 * 10^-15 meters is proton radius
r is used instead of k

Q is OBSOLETE for electric repulsion, use N1, the number of protons
The most primitive aspects of reality are the proton, seconds, and meters.
I wondered if in dimensions 5 6 7 8, meters and seconds would be replaced
by eters and econds. Another insight was to reject quarks due to their 1/3 Q
magnitudes. Since I had already decided that charge is an area outside of
protons, it was not compatible for there to be fractional charges inside

Quarks are obsoleted. Inside protons is a negative infinity of space.
Collider impacts on protons lets the sparks fly, but they are misinterpreted.
I imagine we are firiing our cannons into the internal universe of a proton, where
a negative infinity is available to let the collision fail to hit particle.
The primary process inside each proton is to swap dimensions. Space drains
into protons and flows towards the negative infinity. That is like a mirror
image of here on the outside, where time grows out of our planet and
approaches the infinity in the sky.

A unified Graviticspansion was proposed so the expansion of the
universe is a part of the 4D gravity contraflow momentum p

p = V/5ns

where V is volume of space going in and 5ns goes outwrd from matter.
Electromagnetism is the mirror image of graviticspansion. One
dimension Ht goes into protons and three dimensions come out as
Ex Ey Ez.

Symmetry and conservation are used as obvious mechanisms for the
development of these theoretical physics. The implications of these
improvements are that The Generator is being design to provide
clean electrical energy for you billions. By understanding the most
primitive facts of gravity and electromagnetism, a competitive advantage
is possessed by my team. Join with me and we will provide fusion based
electrical generation cleanly for our cultures unto the nth generation.

January 7, 2017

"What came BEFORE the big bang?", a phrase in English about
the traditional clock time. Time is not a human tradition,
it is a fraction of the momentum of free space. The
question assumes that time is as simple as people want
it to be. It is much simpler than English can express.
This will require math.

The big bang is a defective theory, so BEFORE that mistaken
idea is not as important as what did happen. What is happening is
called graviticspansion. In one phenomenon, protons and neutrons
make expansion of the universe and gravity.

Replacement Theory for big bang
Inside each proton and neutron, dimensions are swapped so
space becomes time. An 8 dimensional symmetry has traction
to 4 electromagnetic dimensions at a place called the
negative infinity in protons. Instead of a Big Bang,
the swapping of dimensions exchanged gravity with
electromagnetic dimensions. The internal negative infinity was

swapped with the external infinity at the end of the universe.

The pre-universe then had space coming out of baryons and
electric repulsion swapped to go in. An era of oppositely
directed dimensions continued. A neutraloid, ten light
years across, was all of our matter, clumped together without
nova explosions. Billions of econds passed in the pre-
universe and creatures traveled in electroplanets and
harvested gravity vegetables off the sky.

In the pre-universe, a ten LY thick clump o matter existed
for a quadrillion econds, the 8 Dimensions swapping away
in each baryon. After a trillion econds, electro bound
scientists wondered if The Big Clump has a place in all the
eters of space. What if the Big Clump Theory were true?
Then the pre-universe would contract until the sky
had no room for gravicrops. Imagine the extrapolation
errors that their modes of thinking would have wreaked?
They were wrong too. No big bang, just a smooth swapping
of dimensions. We see an infinite sky above us. Before
the big bang that was negative infinity up there. That
negative infinity today is inside each proton and neutron.
Before the big bang the interiors of baryons had a positive
infinity. That is where dimensions were swapped. For
us today, the sky is where time is swapped into space,
at the 13.8GLY end place. A replenishment of the space
drained for gravity occurs.

Magnetism and expansion share the 8D flow
in protons. Gravity and electricity share 6 of the
dimensions. No beginning. Yes, flow continuum fluid.
Yes bang, yes crunch, no end, no beginning.
Time is growing. Not for old clock ideas.
Time is growing in a way that makes
it inevitable that states
will change. Quoted from jc 2004.

January 23, 2017


Charge : redefined
The old ideas about charge are inarticulate. This essay
proposes new facts about electrical charge. Only protons
and electrons are discussed as the only durable particles.

1 There are an equal number of protons and electrons
in the universe.
2 Each proton is paired with one electron.

3 Pairing can change in 3.81*10^-29 seconds.

4 Charge is an area of square meters according to
the gravito-Maxwellian Magnitude formula.

4a Protons repel, not because of charge area, but because
of dimensions 6, 7, and 8 growing outwards. See Fig.

5 Charge area is used in physical formulas for
flux cutting.

6 Old science charge is an accounting category that
counts the number of particles. Charge magnitude
was used for no other purpose than (5).

7 Non-durable particles are states of durable particles.

8 The charge area is near the proton, not the electron.

9 The charge area of the electron is near the proton, not the electron.
It is the inside of the area. The charge area can be considered
relative to the electron to be the outside of the area. See Fig.

10 The spin of a charged particle is seen
in the three dimensions Ex Ey and Ht which
have a contra-flow in Fig. Each electron can
be measured with either spin, as the figure
indicates. The 8D physic is used.

11 Each free electron is paired with one remote proton.

12 Each electron uses 3D not 4D to interact with
its universe electromagnetically.

13 Electron-proton attraction is not due to charge area,
it is due to 3D dimension flows.

14 Electron-electron repulsion is not due to charge area,
it is due to 3D dimension geometric exclusion. Pairing
with protons sets the electron-electron repulsion
magnitude to be equal to proton-proton, not because of
electron charge area being equal to proton charge
area but because of 3D dimensions flows Ex Ey Ht.

15 All charge magnitudes are related to the gravitational
momentum of free space, p, and the Time Traction Factor.

February 20, 2017

The nucleus is held together by gravity as it curves past the nucleons making the nth derivative of time.

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